MUNTHE is a conscious heritage brand merging fashion with art. Founded back in 1994 in Copenhagen by Creative Director Naja Munthe as an artistic and craft-focused antidote to the contemporary fashion industry, MUNTHE is today a well-known and established Danish fashion house. Known for its consciously curated styles rooted in art.

The essence of MUNTHE is the serenity every style is made with. From carefully selected, high-quality fabrics to delicate details in coating and lining, from tight and neatly construction to a commitment to low-impact production. For MUNTHE aesthetic is holistically: It is important that the clothes are not only pleasing on the outside, but also on the inside – as well as being responsibly produced.

Another signature of MUNTHE is the conceptual embodiment of contradictions and contrasts: soft silhouettes with a tailored touch makes for versatile styles that work across multiple occasions depending on how you style them. Timeless and expressive wardrobe staples rooted in art and craftmanship, MUNTHE is always on a mission to liberate expressions and personalities.

“I am very fond of contrasts. I love to make feminine clothing with a masculine touch, and I tend to make clothes that are versatile and can be used for more than a single festive occasion. Styles, that you can dress up and down. Prints in stunning tops and dresses combined with boyfriend jeans or tailored suiting for a balanced look. It is important for me that the clothes are not only beautiful on the outside, but also inside – where we like to add unique and delicate details in the coating and lining.

A major part of MUNTHE’s ambition is geared towards sustainability. It has always been core to the MUNTHE brand to be conscious and constantly reflect on how we are in the world. As a fashion brand, we are - by nature - not in a sustainable industry, but we believe that by using our brand as a powerful platform and by enacting the very change we want to see in others, we can initiate small changes that will accumulate into bigger ones over time.

We interpret sustainability holistically and believe that we are on a never-ending journey where we constantly need to explore and evaluate how to best invest in progress. We constantly need to take an honest look at all aspects of our production from choosing the best low-impact materials to creating the best working conditions for our employees and suppliers. Finally, it is a journey towards unleashing the power and potential of women - an issue that has always been very close to my heart”
– Naja Munthe