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The setting for MUNTHES FW23 show was its new Christianshavn-address, Kuglegården, in Copenhagen. MUNTHE has opened the new Head Office and Showroom-home for the brand, after moving in a few months earlier.

Guests were followed up to the second floor of the Kuglegården, a newly not-yet-finished built as part of the old harbor development, and treated to a clear view to an empty room with a long walkway stretching for loads around. Inside the raw building and on the mirror-reflect-catwalk, MUNTHES show began with a wide-ranging casting and a rich and vibrant contribution.

When it comes to street style, the MUNTHE-guests seemingly never miss. And at the FW23 show, all the head-turning, camera-ready looks were on full display. Colorful coats, and two-piece suits were just some of the trends spotted on attendees.

The Fall Winter 2023 Collection is inspired, among others, by the works and character of Georgia O’Keeffe – translated through her desire for flowers, color, print, personality, and atmosphere. The blurred lines, the diverse color palette, the textured layers, and the uniform dressing throughout O’Keeffe´s work and character - translated into a smooth and modern collection.

Leave it to the Danish season to bring sub-zero temperatures, sideways winds, but also a clear winter-sun to high fashion, but also more responsible values. With each brand on the schedule asked to comply with 18 sustainable standards – including using at least 50 per cent certified, organic, upcycled or recycled textiles and having zero-waste set designs – by Copenhagen Fashion Week (the organizers), it was a feel-good, do-good season.

The FW23 collection is available from July 2023.