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The International Women’s Day 2021

Just like last year, MUNTHE has designed a t-shirt in support of the Danish Women’s Society for this year’s International Women’s Day. The t-shirt is in 100% organic cotton, designed with an oversize fit and has a beautiful print, both on the front and the back. The t-shirt costs DKK 499, whereof DKK 150 goes to The Danish Women’s Society.

“I have always believed that all aspects of society, be it politics, journalism, economics, science, management, board members, religious societies, etc. are better off with an equal distribution of men and women. That is why today is important – to continue to put equal rights and equal worth on the agenda”, says Naja Munthe. 

And the day is IMPORTANT!
…Because there is still a huge need to work for a world with equal opportunities and equality – culturally, politically and individually. The past year has been a life-giving year for the gender equality debate in Denmark. Women have dared to stand up – with antipathetic and unpleasant stories of abuse, assault, and harassment. For far too long, there has been a misunderstood approach to men and women having equal conditions in the job market.

A crisis like the one we are in now, paradoxically, also provides an opportunity to make a halt and shed light on the problems at hand. Discrimination and violence against women stem from a structural inequality. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated that inequality and made it even clearer how important it is to focus on the most vulnerable in the world.
We all have a responsibility.