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Naja Munthe designed and constructed her dream home - or rather; her dream cottage - which is featured in the Danish luxury, high-end lifestyle publication, RUM.

You can't be creative without being in flow.

I think that most designers, architects, artists and scientists are driven by curiosity. I use my curiosity as fuel - and I always try to be open-minded to new impressions.

When i design my collections, I automatically draw on inspiration from many different platforms. Those may be travels, conversations, art, architecture, nature and everything else that I am, in one way or another, fascinated by.

In many ways, it is the same when it comes to my living space and decor. Actually, I wasn't really looking for a cottage at all. I had sold my former summer house, but then I stumpled upon this house close to the forest and in the middle of the most beautiful natural spot. I instantly saw all of the possibilities of the place and acted fast. Not long after, I decided to start over from scratch and practically draw a whole new house - rather than renovating the old one,
says Naja Munthe.

The house is not designed in one particular architectural style, rather it is based on different components. All the facades are covered with cedar tree and the roof is covered by natural grass. As a polarity to the many natural elements, all of the floors are cast in concrete and a black-painted steel staircase is inserted. Skylights create lots of light and the dimensions are playfully varied. The rooms and terraces are large. The ceilings are high with room for creativity and for the whole family.

Styling: Maja Regild Interiors. Photo: Christoffer Regild.
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