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The Fall Winter 2021 collection covers several different themes that are at the same time contrast-filled and coherent. This required a show and campaign location that was as raw and neutral as possible so that the collection and the stories it tells could stand out. And what is more raw and more neutral than a warehouse? 


The fact that the choice of location fell on a warehouse is at the same time something that goes hand in hand with our sustainability ambitions. We are constantly aiming to find ways to be socially and environmentally responsible, and this was a location that left no waste behind - after either the show or the campaign shooting. We could move in without changing anything and without throwing anything out afterwards. 

The inspiration for the collection comes from Naja Munthe’s love for the creation of and work with ceramics. A personal theme that has resulted in beautiful and powerful prints – which also serve as a good counterweight to something as industrial as a warehouse. And this counterweight is a recurring factor in the collection. Older silhouettes implemented in modern and sporty styles, vintage patchwork, and eternally versatile denim. A mix of traditional and tailored styles that can be worn by anyone.

The latter is a factor that has played an important role in both the show and the campaign shooting. The concept of “Gender neutrality” has really gained ground in society in recent years and at MUNTHE, this is no exception. The model cast included both male and female models and, in the styling, we have played around with the masculine and the feminine – and blurred the distinction between these concepts. For example, this is expressed in a skirt combined with a tie or a typical men’s shirt, spiced up with what in a classical sense would be characterized as feminine details. We want to show that there is a crossover between women’s and men’s clothing, and that the clear distinction of who you are based on a specific idea of gender, appearance or skin color is breaking up. The important thing is who we are as persons, and we must always be able to express that 🖤