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Becoming a designer takes passion, time, research, practice, and every designer takes a different approach to the creative process of fashion design. However, there are many general steps that designers adhere to between the initial conceptualization phase and the completion of a wearable collection.

One of the main elements a good and strong collection must-have is a signature style.
A signature style can be based on one or more of the following: certain use of color, shapes, patterns, prints, techniques, motifs, or a particular use of materials. How to use these signature elements in the process of telling a story through a product is what creates the design aesthetic. Finding, defining, and fine-tuning the signature design is imperative. It will allow to interpret common and often coincidently shared influences in its own unique way.

Several months ago, MUNTHES design team, found inspiration in old, handcrafted drawings of typically wildflowers in Scandinavia. What they discovered was a bounty of inspiration that set the tone for the signature print in the SS22 collection. Wildflowers in nature, are as varied as they are stunning. From the Nordic fields populated with delicate and unassuming species such as melancholy thistle, blue poppy, orange rattle and strawberry plants to the strong yellow dandelion, these flowers are the beauty of life - and these beauties are printed on several items of this SS22 Collection, from a gorgeous silk dress to an oversize organic cotton T-shirt they create attraction all around.

The transition from print to digital design, means thinking about screens instead of paper, but not all the rules and considerations of classic drawings apply to screens. Especially not when you must print it on clothing in the end. The jump from an old vintage print to the digital design - to select the right type of fabric; the weight, thickness, and construction - to picking the right color – to assembling the garment is hard work. And there is a lot of work, but it’s all worth it 😊