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How do you define a favorite? There are favorite films, favorite works of art, favorite cars, literary favorites, and of course: favorite clothes. What does it mean to embrace a favorite style? By definition, a favorite is an outstanding example of a style, something of lasting worth or timeless in nature. And there’s one key element that holds true for any type of favorite, whether it’s fashion, films, or books; the value that item holds for you. Something that you can return to again and again. Something you can keep for years, even decades because it will last. Thinking about the longevity of the clothing you own, not only is a way to have a more sustainable approach to fashion but will also help you carve out a style that is eternal and feels truly you

– Naja Munthe

This Spring Summer 22 collection we have designed around the theme of “beloved keepers” based on the inspiration from the styles that we ourselves want to wear – our favorites. These are styles we will continue to reach for in our wardrobes. Classics we will always return to. And classics certainly do not have to be boring – just the opposite. With a detail level that makes them unique and eye-catching, the combination possibilities are endless, and the stunning pieces can be used on rotation, season after season.