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Two words characterizing the modern fashion industry is predictability and propulsion. Every single creative thought creasing around an upcoming collection, is born long before the actual clothing is available.

When the corona-pandemic hit the world, a lot of people (including the fashion industry) reacted by spending time considering possible and necessary changes. Changes that could optimize areas, such as a broader range in sizes and selections in quality-clothing and a more sustainable value chain between manufacturer and consumer. Because if we do not use our clothing as it should be - or appreciate and care for it – or resells or pass it on to another person if we do not need it - then we are lacking a crucial part of our sustainable cycle.

The body positive movement has certainly marked our period, and what is currently the focus and interesting factor is now the actual persona wearing the clothing. We need a more nuanced vision and holistic view.

When we in January decided (once again), that we did not want to host a physical fashion show, but instead wanted to create a digital presentation (a movie), we also chose to streetcast people as our models.

The movie was instructed and staged by the young film instructor Malthe Freiesleben Ejlers, who has produced music videos with artists such as the Danish singer Mads Langer. Malte’s professional world is innovative, super-dynamic and present – and in every way the perfect fit for FW22. It is a super authentic collection but at the same time of high applicability.

And on that note, we also try to take part in the worldwide gender-movement, meaning developing the former understanding of genders, but also working towards a mutual understanding of equality and what gender should mean in the future. When it comes to art, women are (still) highly underrepresented. Unfortunately, there is a huge distance between artworks - all over the world - created by women - despite female artists being educated and awarded just as much, and as many, as male artists.

MUNTHE’s founder and creative director Naja Munthe has since the brand’s birth, been inspired by both art and female empowerment. In fact, it is a central part in every single collection – and the reason why the digital community MUNTHE ART MONDAY every Monday makes room for international female artists on SoMe and the website.

In FW22 there is incorporated art created by two female artists. A British artist named Elizabeth Power, who paints surrounded by a spectrum of abstract and landscape-like motives. The other artist is the French/English female artist Cathy Tabbakh, whose artwork focus on Still-leben, interior and botanic portraits – where the shadows appear as a significant omnipresent part.

Almost every style can be mixed and works perfectly together, as well as alone – and welcome a cozy fall.