The abstract art, gorgeous and colorful art - creates a solid baseline behind the upcoming SPRING SUMMER 23 collection. The collection had its debut through an amazing fashion show at “Sydhavn Recycling-center” during Copenhagen Fashion 22 week this august.

The Recycling-center is not an ordinary recycling station. Even more of Copenhagen resources and waste are reused and recycled here – and as an add on, they offer a bunch of determined activities that supports the ideology of recycling.

Due to Covid-19, it is the first time in 2 ½ years MUNTHE participates in Copenhagen Fashion Week with an actual physical fashion show. Which marks this season’s SS23 as something quite special.

Sustainability is a top priority at MUNTHE, and it is super important that our sustainable considerations are clear and visible in everything we do. We made sure, that every single resource used during the fashion show were either reusable or recyclable. The special surroundings and exciting environment therefore also made the perfect settings.

The models walked on the raw concrete in the warm August-sun. They circled around recycled items, guests, and green containers – and the Show was set for circularity. Literally speaking, the area that marks the space of the center is shaped as the infinity-sign (tilted algebraic eight) which symbolizes sustainability. The exact same circularity MUNTHE strive to comply, Towards No Waste.

At every seat and for all viewing guests at the show, we put a bag of wildflower seeds. The seeds can grow into flowers and will support the native bees and butterflies. The seeds were contained in a small plastic envelope made from biodegradable cellulose. Whilst the material used for the bags were leftover fabric material from the fantastic SS23 collection.

Watch the full show here:

The collection draws its artistic notes from work of Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich. Geometric shapes, lines and a particular way of using shadows characterize his work and has also been the main inspiration behind this season’s styles.

The key colors of the collection consists of deep emerald green, clear cornflower, classic camel, and with a drop of vibrant orange. Inspired by the drenched, wildflower fields of Scandinavia. The prints and visuals are for the flower-loving souls – and somehow, these styles featuring forest-strawberry-plants and tiny green leaves, manage to be both adoring and edgy at the same time.

Social responsibility works as a central part of MUNTHE’s CSR strategy. In every single collection we strive to address all kinds of types, sizes and ages – in order to support this kind of approach most of our models were picked through street casting. The broad kind of diversity seen in the versatile cast of models backed the dynamic expression on the catwalk.

It resulted in an agile and amazing show, with several models walking on all fronts: up to six models at the same time circulating the catwalk. The show was finished by international top model and diversity-champ, Josephine Skriver, who led all thirty six women to the frontline. At last, the group of women did not only stand back and took the applause they also congratulated each other – and made sure to emphasize the importance of female empowerment.