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My name is Mathilde. I am 23 years old, and I am currently studying at my final semester in Communication Design and Media at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

As a part of my Education, I have a mandatory internship at a self-selected company for 12 weeks. When I started looking for a Company, I had to find a brand that could offer a broad range of tasks and assignments so that I would be able to develop as much as possible during the educational process – both professional such as personal. And I must admit that my time at MUNTHE has exceeded all my expectations. Therefore, I have taken over MUNTHE STORIES this month – and written about my experience.

I started my internship the 1st of August to ensure my participation in the preparation and prelude to Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23 - which took its place the second week of august. The first week I learned to “gift” invited guests with clothing and accessories, so that the person concerned would arrive dressed in MUNTHE to our fashion show and could expose our clothing during fashion week at other events. I was also co-responsible of “Showtech” and had to secure the overview and execution at location such as placement of props, seating of guests, nameplates, escape routes etc. It felt good to be trusted with such responsibilities so early in the process. It was tough and anxious provoking, but it also made me feel as a part of the Team and I felt extremely strengthened by the trust.

Primarily, I am a part of PR and Marketing. I am in daily contact with influencers, stylists, and others. Also, I sit a lot on gifting, assist with social media content, produce newsletters – and now I also write MUNTHE “stories” to the website, which is a sort of blogpost. At the same time, there is a lot of practical work as a part of the daily assignments. Such as preparation for photo, fixing showroom; replace clothing collections, steam clothes, correct and change hangers. In general assist in making sure that everything is in place and order. I also take part in photoshoots where I am co-responsible for structuring and preparing styles - and to dress and undress models as well.

The spirit at MUNTHE emphasizes the brands core focal points: fashion, Female Empowerment and CSR, and makes sure that all three is equally prioritized. The office is bright and spacious – literally speaking. I am always met with big smiles and encouraging goodmornings when I clock in. The positive, constructive, and uplifting atmosphere is one of the most pleasant parts of being a part of MUNTHE. An essential feeling at the office is that every link and position are equally important. From the picoline to the CEO – because without each other we would not be able to run the same.

It is an exciting and creative work environment to be a part of. And as I get to touch such a broad range of assignments it contributes to the dynamics of my weeks and teaches me what areas I find interesting and would like to explore more in my future career. We sit side by side with Design, Production and Construction, who works with the design-oriented development. Which does not only give me, but the whole Team a solid insight in the process from the budding design-idea to the final styles.

Everything we eat and drink at MUNTHE is organic. There is always soft music playing the speakers, sassy comments flying the rooms and a constant contagious laughter. MUNTHE is a fluent and creative house with both dialogues and work across departments. And everyday the brand proves the importance of unity, the effect of a positive attitude and the strength of in-house welfare.