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Foreword by Naja Munthe

“Ceramics have always fascinated me. There is something so interesting about the different phases in creating this kind of artwork; The design, the shaping of the clay, the glazing and the burning. Ceramics are a material, from which everyone can make something of their own. Working with clay teaches you many things, in particular patience and respect, and realizing that the material can have its own mind. Anyone working with ceramics requires a wealth of knowledge and painstaking skills, but also the ability to cope with failure – using it to grow as an artist. Analogous to being a fashion-designer, there are so many variables that need to come in line for the work to exist.”.


Inspiration Fall Winter 2021

Ceramic stroke

Ceramics is one of the most universal and earliest arts. Its purpose can be domestically decorative, ritualistic or pure artistic expression, with form and function varying hugely across time and cultures. The chemical reactions between clay and glaze can cause things like “shivering,” when a glaze cracks and flakes of a piece’s surface. The glazing spans over hundreds of varieties. Each piece is unique.

When it comes to creating prints that work across both clothing and the look of ceramic glaze, these styles are the go-to. A range of dresses, shirts, skirts and tops devoted to the variety of ceramic-coatings. The result is stunning patterns that are all at once beautiful and powerful.



Vintage inspiration and patchwork is a great way of adding individuality to an outfit. A little bit like grandmother’s quilt, but here we have adopted the technique to create more funky and fashionable styles and taking them in a fresh new direction. As an expression of traditional crafts, patchwork and quilting add a rustic element to the collection. From a patchwork dress that feels vintage, to patchwork shirts, to jeans with a graphic take on patchwork. Modern styles employ older silhouettes and detailing like puffed sleeves, ruffled collars and frills, resulting in pieces that feel both old-fashioned and entirely new age. The contrast is a breath of fresh air.