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It was a glorious winter night - crisp and clear…

The shadier season is quickly crawling up, but Christmas and holiday-parties will look a little different than we are used to.
But while some traditions may need to fall by the wayside for the safety of yourself and others, that does not mean that other ones will not take their place.
So, although the holidays may not be the same this year, that does not mean it should stop you from getting into the holiday cheer. 

With the weather cooling down and the nights drawing in, rather than getting downbeat about it all, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the best bit of the oncoming season.  


Whether you are a full-on dress kind of girl or a trousers & a nice top fan, this new MUNTHE collection has so many good options. It is the sparkle season after all, and this collection has “blissful” written all over it.

The shade of black and gold says festive like nothing else. Wear all the gorgeous dresses with knee-high boots in the daytime and with heels for the night party.

The Glorious Night collection has the perfect t-shirts in organic cotton, the ideal black-printed blouse, made from a breezy material of recycled polyester and with an updated beautiful dress in a silk blend.

The collection also includes a black suit with a delicate silver thread running through in subtle pinstripe style. The blazer fastens up the front two buttons and two pockets on the front. This jazzy jacket and the straight leg suit pants are the perfect alternative - paired with one of the feminine ambers/black overall-printed blouses.

It is not the times for the big all-night-long parties. Nothing is quite normal right now, but this year, we are focused on finding unique and creative ways to get together.